Dzirnavu iela 27

A temporary autonomous zone in Rīga’s silent centre

Welcome to D27!

Since May 2017, people of different origins come together to use this temporary physical space to build a sustainable cultural, social and political one.

The house is a four-story apartment house built in the 1930’s, in the suburb that is nowadays the “silent center of Rīga.” Three years ago the house was abandoned and renovation was planned until Free Riga (an NGO) opened it as a summer residency and event space. In August, we prolonged the contract of space for another year, and a community had successfully sprouted through the walls of this house.

We offer residency, studio and office space for individuals and organizations.

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Ainars Pelsh poetry book

Ainars Pelsh poetry book opening struck Riga and World in the days of last year, 29th of January. House after a silent...

“Grafiskās struktūras” @room9

From this Sunday “Graphic structures” in room9 exhebition space you will be able to see Graphic works as well as ceramic works by...

D27 movie evening: Ash and Money

D27 movie evening: Ash and Money

D27 movie evenings returns in 2018 with a documentary selected by Jazeps. “NO55 Ash and Money” film by Ene-Liis Semper and Tiit...

Festivāls “Estebiju” 27. oktobris

“Estebiju” (“Iwashere”) is a one-day festival that takes place in Free Riga art residency D27 on the 28th of October, festival ....